Monthly Maintenance

Monthly pool maintenance at the best pool cleaner in Allen includes not only the best customer service but everything you need to keep your pool looking it’s best! We will work around your schedule to make sure this pool cleaning service is most convenient for you and your busy schedule. We can either schedule a time when you are there or our pool cleaning staff can take care of the monthly pool cleaning

when you are away as long as we have keys to get into the backyard or onto your property. Each visit our technician will check the pool visibility and overall cleanliness. This will entail a full walk around the pool and surrounding pool area to check for hazardous materials, debris, or anything unpleasant that could cause issues for the swimming pool. We will make sure to look at the water surface, pool bottom, and pool walls to check for oxidation or calcification on the pool plaster and rocks. If you have a rock waterfall, we will make sure to check water flow and that the water is clear to fall into the pool. Once everything is determined safe after inspection of the pool and surrounding area, the pool technician will begin to vacuum the pool. If any objects are on the bottom, we will use a skimming net to remove debris or items too large for the pool vacuum. Lastly, water tests are taken to make sure that all chemicals are balanced and effectively keeping your pool safe and clean. Our pool staff are trained on chemicals and are required to be certified to handle pool chemicals. If the water tests determine anything is to be changed or adjusted, our pool technician will make the appropriate changes and will notify you of said changes. Once the pool water is done being checked, our technician will look over all pool equipment including pool slides, water features, pool pumps, filters, drainage systems, and valves. If everything is properly working, we will provide you with an update and make sure that we leave your swimming pool better than when we found it until your next maintenance visit. All equipment will be put away and anything moved, such as patio furniture, will be put back in its place so you won’t even notice we were there! If there was anything that needed to be done or noted from your monthly cleaning, we guarantee that our technician will notify you. If anything needs to be replaced or any pool repairs are needed between now and our next visit, we will make sure to schedule that with you.

How To Keep Your Pool Clean Regularly

We work hard to make sure that our monthly maintenance is done well and easy for you at Allen Pool Care, there are ways you can help keep your pool clean. Besides the usual things we mentioned in the previous

section and pages in regards to cleaning out your filters and removal of debris, is to track your chemicals. One of the best ways to maintain a healthy and beautiful pool is to properly take care of the chemicals and make sure the pool chemicals stay within their proper ranges every day. Summer is one of the worst times for this as the suns rays have an ill effect on your chlorine. The suns radiation and debris in the water both destroy chlorine molecules very quickly and if your chlorine is off, it will also affect your pH and acidity. Once chlorine drops, micro organisms begin to grow at a fast rate including mold spores and algae which are both harmful to the pool plaster and the health of your family. Some algae can literally destroy your pool and might require draining or extremely large amounts of chlorine added over night shocking the pool water. Having said that, make sure to check your pool chemicals throughout each day especially in the summer and contact us so we can come out and take care of this for you!

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Over the years, we have found that some pools just have special needs whether it be from old age, a filter system that is the wrong size, or the types of trees and bushes in the area. The pros at Allen Pool Maintenance 

will make sure to take care of any needs you have at your swimming pool. When you call to set an appointment, give us the details about your pool and let us come up with a plan that best fits your needs and budget. If you’re needing more hands on weekly pool maintenance as many of our customers do, then let us take care of all your pool needs! We will provide the same level of pool care and customer service while trying to save you money. So don’t hesitate in giving us a call and let us show you how having a weekly pool cleaning can change the look of your pool and the happiness of your family!

Pool Feature or Waterfall Maintenance

Pool features are a great addition to any pool of any size. We can provide this service in addition to installing if needed, our maintenance techs have been trained in how to properly care for these features. When you call the

first time, make sure to mention the details about your pool feature. We need to know what type, size, shape, and if there are additional water pumps for the feature. When our team has this info, we can determine the best course of action for weekly or monthly maintenance of this feature. Our staff will make sure to inspect the feature on their visit. They will make note of the condition and report to you any issues or damages they might find. If no issues or damages are noticed, the next step will be to clean the water feature. Sometimes, with waterfalls, debris can get stuck in the rocks or in between the crevasses which require our technician to go in and clean that out. If it is determined that all debris has been removed, our technician will scrub all tile and rocks to make sure that beautiful shine is seen through the water. We will also check the water lines running into the pool and any pool filter equipment connected to the waterfall or pool feature. Any cleaning of the filter that is required will be taken care of quickly and carefully making sure to keep the integrity of the filter in place. Our pool technician will double check that everything is turned back on and working properly as it should. You waterfall or pool feature should look as good as it did the day you had it installed! 

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